Lisa Ondieki

Lisa Ondieki remains the only Australian to win an Olympic medal in the marathon. The four-time Olympian won the silver medal at Seoul in 1988, confirming her status as one of the best distance runners of her generation. Ondieki competed in the first four women's marathons held at the Olympics, starting in 1984 and ending her Games run in 1996. Other than her silver medal, her next best result was seventh in 1984. Ondieki also won two Commonwealth Games marathon gold medals, as well as a number of famous road events including the New York Marathon and Osaka Marathon. Her Australian record in the event, set in 1988, remained unchallenged for 18 years until it was finally broken by Benita Johnson in 2006.

Olympic Results

1996 Atlanta

Marathon - Women
Final DNF
Final Placing 78 / 86

1992 Barcelona

Marathon - Women
Final Abandoned race after 30km DNF
Final Placing 46 / 47

1988 Seoul

Marathon - Women
Final 2:25:53.0 (2nd)
Final Placing 2 / 69

1984 Los Angeles

Marathon - Women
Final 2:29:03.0 (7th)
Final Placing 7 / 50