Louise Sauvage

Louise Sauvage

Born with a severe spinal disability called myelodysplasia which inhibits the function of the lower half of the body, Louise Sauvage has defied the odds put on her to become one of Australia's most famous sportspeople.

By 1990, Sauvage competed in the World Athletics Championships in Holland, her first international track competition. Two years later she made her Paralympic debut, representing Australia at the 1992 Barcelona Paralympic Games - winning three gold (100m, 200m, 400m) and one silver medal (800m).

Atlanta was not only a hugely successful Paralympic campaign for Sauvage, taking four gold medals (400m, 800, 1500m 5000m), but it also saw her make her Olympic debut contesting the 800m wheelchair race demonstration event, also winning gold.

In front of her home crowd at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Sauvage defended her 800m wheelchair title. She then went on to win two gold (1500m, 5000m) and one silver (800m) at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games.

Athens 2004 saw the final Olympic and Paralympic campaigns for the champion racer, taking bronze in the Olympic 800m wheelchair event and two silver medals (400m, 800m) at the Paralympic Games.

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