Rohanee Cox

Rohanee Cox won a silver medal as a member of the Australian women’s basketball team in 2008. In doing so, Cox became the first indigenous woman to win a basketball medal for Australia. The West Australian was a talented teenager but left the sport young, only to be inspired by the birth of her daughter and the gold medal performance of Cathy Freeman in 2000 to return to competition. In Beijing, the Opals won seven straight matches, before losing to the United States in the final. It was the third successive loss the team had suffered in the gold medal final of a Games to the US.

Olympic Results

2008 Beijing

Basketball - Women
Preliminaries Group A - Match 01 - BLR V AUS HT: 28-44 BLR 64-83 Win
Preliminaries Group A - Match 18 - AUS V BRA HT: 50-29 BRA 80-65 Win
Preliminaries Group A - Match 29 - AUS V KOR HT: 47-33 KOR 90-62 Win
Preliminaries Group A - Match 38 - LAT V AUS HT: 38-41 LAT 73-96 Win
Preliminaries Group A - Match 50 - AUS V RUS HT: 25-37 RUS 75-55 Win
Quarterfinal HT: 38-17 CZE 79-46 Win
Semifinal HT: 34-18 CHN 90-56 Win
Gold Medal Match HT: 30-47 USA 65-92 Loss
Final Placing 2 / 12