Scott Brennan

Scott Brennan, a doctor from Tasmania, teamed with David Crawshay to win the double sculls at Beijing 2008. Their win emulated that of the ‘Pocket Rockets’, Peter Antonie and Stephen Hawkins, at Barcelona 1992. On the same day as their win in the double sculls, Australian crews won another gold medal, in the men’s coxless pair (Ginn, Free), and a silver medal in the men’s coxless four (Ryan, Marburg, McKenzie-McHarg, Hegerty) , matching Australia’s best day for Australia in Olympic rowing.

Brennan, Crawshay, Duncan Free and Shaun Colton were in the quadruple scull that won the B Final at Athens 2004. This rather mediocre performance drove Brennan and Crawshay on to further Olympic competition. Four years later, three of that crew were Olympic gold medallists.

At the 2012 Games Brennan and Crawshay returned as if they looked to defend their Olympic title. After having to come through the repechage, the duo finished fifth in their semi-final before going on to claim second in the B Final.

Olympic Results

2012 London

Double Scull - Men
Final B CRAWSHAY, D; BRENNAN, S 6:22.19 2
Semifinal A/B 1 CRAWSHAY, D; BRENNAN, S 6:23.47 FB 5
Repechage 1 CRAWSHAY, D; BRENNAN, S 6:25.36 S A/B 1
Heat 1 CRAWSHAY, D; BRENNAN, S 6:21.25 R 4
Final Placing 8 / 13

2008 Beijing

Double Scull - Men
Heat 03 CRAWSHAY, D; BRENNAN, S 6:21.39 1st
Semifinal A/B - Race 01 CRAWSHAY, D; BRENNAN, S 6:21.50 1st
Final A CRAWSHAY, D; BRENNAN, S 6:27.77 1st
Final Placing 1 / 14

2004 Athens

Quadruple Scull - Men
Heats BRENNAN, S; CRAWSHAY, D; FREE, D; COULTON, S 5:46.32 3rd
Semifinals BRENNAN, S; CRAWSHAY, D; FREE, D; COULTON, S 5:45.45 4th
Final B BRENNAN, S; CRAWSHAY, D; FREE, D; COULTON, S 6:02.31 1st
Final Placing 7 / 13