Sonja Johnson

Australia picked up its first silver medal in this event at Beijing 2008. Previously it had won four gold and two bronze medals. The team comprised of Megan Jones, Clayton Fredericks, Sonja Johnson, Lucinda Fredericks and Shane Rose were all first-time Olympians and all acquitted themselves extremely well.

Germany won the gold medal by 5.1 penalties with Great Britain a distant third, 14.5 penalties adrift of Australia. Australia led after the dressage, historically the nation’s most difficult discipline, before being overtaken by Germany after the completion of the cross country, which is normally the strongest component. Jones, on Irish Jester, was the best ranked of the Australians in the individual event finishing fourth. Clayton Fredricks on Ben Along Time was seventh, Sonja Johnson on Ringwood Jaguar tenth, Lucinda Fredricks, Headley Britannia, was 26th and Shane Rose, All Luck, 27th.  The United States finished seventh in the team event with one of its members being Phillip Dutton who won gold medals in the Australian teams at Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000.

Olympic Results

2008 Beijing

Individual - Open
Dressage - Day 2 45.20 23rd
Cross Country Time: 8:34 T/Pen: 13.60 58.80 13th
Jumping - Qualifier 58.80 9th
Jumping - Final 66.80 10th
Final Placing 10 / 70
Team - Open
Dressage - Day 1 102.80 1st
Dressage - Day 2 102.80 1st
Cross Country 162.00 2nd
Jumping - Final 171.20 2nd
Final Placing 2 / 11