Tom Gibson

Tom Gibson paired with Sam Beltz in the men’s lightweight double sculls at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games. The Tasmanian duo finished fourth at the 2006 and 2007 World Championships and went on to place tenth at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

He competed at his second Olympic Games in London, this time partnering with Rod Chisholm in the lightweight double sculls. The duo missed the final after finishing third in the repechage, eventually winning the C Final and finishing 13th overall.

Olympic Results

2012 London

Lightweight Double Scull - Men
Final C CHISHOLM, R; GIBSON, T 6:44.40 1
Semifinal C/D 1 CHISHOLM, R; GIBSON, T 7:06.24 FC 1
Repechage 1 CHISHOLM, R; GIBSON, T 6:34.29 S C/D 3
Heat 2 CHISHOLM, R; GIBSON, T 6:47.33 R 3
Final Placing 13 / 20

2008 Beijing

Lightweight Double Scull - Men
Heat 02 BELTZ, S; GIBSON, T 6:19.15 3rd
Semifinal A/B - Race 02 BELTZ, S; GIBSON, T 6:32.32 5th
Final B BELTZ, S; GIBSON, T 6:30.11 4th
Repechage 01 BELTZ, S; GIBSON, T 6:42.42 2nd
Final Placing 10 / 20