Yvette Higgins

1978 -

Yvette Higgins won a gold medal for Australia in women’s water polo at Sydney 2000. Higgins holds a special place in Olympic sporting history: it was her goal with 1.3 seconds remaining in the final which gave Australia victory as women’s water polo debuted at the Games. Australia had been tied 3-3 with the United States when Higgins rifled a shot from outside the seven metre line into the back of the net, sending the 17,000-strong crowd and the nation into a frenzy. From New South Wales, Higgins was one of the younger members of the Aussie team at age 22. But having made her senior national debut at 17, the left-hander was already recognised as an international star. She scored eight goals to be Australia’s second top scorer in the tournament behind captain Bridgette Gusterson.

Olympic Results

2000 Sydney

Water Polo - Women
Final Q1: 1:1, Q2: 0:1, Q3: 1:0, Q4: 2:1 USA 4-3 1st
Preliminaries Q1: 1:2, Q2: 1:2, Q3: 0:1, Q4: 0:4 KAZ 9-2 Win
Preliminaries Q1: 2:1, Q2: 1:1, Q3: 2:1, Q4: 1:0 RUS 6-3 Win
Preliminaries Q1: 2:1, Q2: 1:1, Q3: 0:2, Q4: 2:0 NED 5-4 Win
Preliminaries Q1: 2:2, Q2: 1:0, Q3: 2:4, Q4: 1:1 USA 7-6 Win
Preliminaries Q1: 0:1, Q2: 2:4, Q3: 1:2, Q4: 1:2 CAN 4-9 Win
Semi Final Q1: 2:3, Q2: 1:1, Q3: 1:2, Q4: 3:0 RUS 7-6 Win
Final Placing 1 / 6