Sapporo 2017

Sapporo 2017

The Sapporo 2017 Asian Winter Games was the first time Australia has been represented at these Games.

The Olympic Council of Asia invited the Oceania National Olympic Committees to compete at Sapporo as guests, following an approach by the Australian Olympic Committee. The athletes from Oceanai were not eligible to win medals.

The Asian Winter Games were first suggested by the Japanese Olympic Committee in 1982, to promote and develop winter sport in Asia. The first Games were held in Sapporo in 1986 with only 290 athletes from seven countries and one territory competing across seven disciplines. The Sapporo Games are expected to be the largest Asian Winter Games in history with around 1,500 athletes from approximately 30 countries and regions.

Australian Results (by discipline):

Millie Bongiorno: 7th - Giant Slalom, 8th - Slalom
Christian De Oliveira: 10th - Giant Slalom, 9th - Slalom
Nicholas Masjuk: 17th - Giant Slalom, 18th - Slalom
Holly Crawford: 7th - Snowboard Halfpipe

Jakara Anthony: 6th - Freestyle Mogul Skiing, 5th - Dual Moguls
Sophie Ash: 5th - Freestyle Mogul Skiing, 7th - Dual Moguls
Ben Matsumoto: 12th - Freestyle Mogul Skiing, 13th - Dual Moguls
Cooper Woods-Topalovic: 11th - Freestyle Mogul Skiing, 11th - Dual Moguls

Zanna Farrell: 5th - Giant Slalom, 8th - Slalom
Liam Michael: 7th - Giant Slalom, 9th - Slalom

Cross Country Skiing
Jackson Bursill: 17th - 1.4km Sprint, 18th - 10km Classic, 16th - 15km Free, 18th - 30km Free
Ben Sim: 16th - 10km Classic, 13th - 15km Free, 13th - 30km Free
Casey Wright: 3rd - 1.4km Sprint, 11th - 5km Classic, 15th - 10km Free, 16th - 15km Free

Jillian Colebourn: 18th - 7.5km Sprint, 19th - 10 km Pursuit, 19th Mass Start, 8th - Mixed Relay, 
Jeremy Flanagan: 18th - 10km Sprint, 19th - 12.5 km Pursuit, 8th - Mixed Relay, 19th - 12.5km Mass Start
Damon Morton: 13th - 10km Sprint, 13th - 12.5km Pursuit, 8th - Mixed Relay
Darcie Morton: 17th - 7.5km Sprint, 14th - 10km Pursuit, 8th - Mixed Relay

Short Track Speed Skating
Pierre Boda: 14th – 1000m, 10th – 1500m, 7th – 5000m relay
Denali Blunden: 20th – 500m
Keanu Blunden: 14th – 500m, 21st – 1500m, 7th – 5000m relay
Alex Bryant: 13th – 1000m, 11th – 1500m, 7th – 5000m relay
Andy Jung: 12th – 500m, 11th – 1000m, 7th – 5000m relay
Deanna Lockett: 9th – 500m, 16th – 1000m, 15th– 1500m

Speed Skating
Joshua Capponi: 7th – 5000m, 5th – 10,000m

Figure Skating
Kailani Crane: 5th – Ladies short program, 5th – Free program
Brendan Kerry: 5th - Men’s short program, 5th – Free program
Matthew Dodds & Paris Stephens: 7th – Pairs free program, 7th - Pairs short program
William Badaoui & Matilda Friend: 6th - Ice dance, 6th – Free dance

Australian Team:

The team of 30 Australian athletes were represented in snowboard, freestyle skiing, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, biathlon, short track speed skating and figure skating. The team featured a number of young up and coming athletes who went on to make their Olympic debuts at PyeongChang 2018; including Jakara Anthony, Casey Wright, Andy Jung and Kailani Craine. The Team also included three-time Olympian Holly Crawford (snowboard – halfpipe), Vancouver 2010 Olympian Ben Sim (cross country skiing), and Brendan Kerry (figure skating), Pierre Boda (short track speed skating) and Deanna Lockett (short track speed skating) who all competed in their first Games at Sochi.

The full list of Australian athletes can be found HERE.

The City:

Sapporo is the capital city, and the political, economic and cultural centre of the island Hokkaido, and is located on the west coast of the island. Hokkaido is located at the northern end of Japan. The city of Sapporo, with a population of over 1.9 million people, hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics and is a popular tourist destination. Speed Skating will be held in the Obihiro Forest Speed Skating Oval in the city of Obihiro, towards the east cost of Hokkaido.


• Sapporo Dome: Opening Ceremony
• Sapporo Teine: Alpine skiing, Snowboard
• Shirahatayama Open Stadium: Cross Country Skiing
• Miyanomori Ski Jump Stadium: Ski jumping
• Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium: Ski jumping
• Sapporo Bankei Ski Area: Freestyle Skiing, Snowboard
• Obihiro Forest Speed Skating Oval: Long Track Speed Skating
• Makomanai Indoor Skating Rink: Short track Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Closing Ceremony
• Nishioka Biathlon Stadium: Biathlon
• Tsukisamu Gymnasium/ Mikaho Gymnasium: Ice Hockey
• Sapporo Curling Stadium: Curling

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Did you know?

Colin Coates (Speed Skating) has attended 6 Winter Games: 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988.