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Chloe Esposito named Young Change-Maker for Buenos Aires 2018

22 December 2017

BUENOS AIRES: Australian Rio 2016 Modern Pentathlon gold medallist Chloe Esposito will have the opportunity to mentor the next generation of elite athletes as she has been announced as a Young Change-Maker for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

Esposito was one of 76 inspiring individuals under 30 announced overnight by the International Olympic Committee that include 13 Olympians as well as other athletes, sport coaches, students and young professionals.

The role, formerly known as Young Ambassador, will see Esposito support the Australian YOG athletes as she aims to help them get the most out of the Buenos Aires 2018 experience.

“I’m so excited to get the chance to help the athletes that are going to Buenos Aires 2018,” Esposito said.

“I’m pumped to get the chance to go watch our athletes and learn about their sports. I want to be able to celebrate their highs with them but also if they’re not having such a good day, then be there for moral support.

“I really hope that after Buenos Aires 2018 a number of athletes can go on to keep working towards Tokyo 2020 and I’d love to help them on that journey.”

As a Young Change-Make Esposito will encourage athletes to interact with people from different sports and backgrounds and to take part in a unique programme of activities and workshops, featuring sessions on injury prevention, anti-doping, careers in sport and media training.

These lessons learned will equip the athletes with the sports skills to perform to the best of their ability on the field of play, and the life skills to be true ambassadors of their sport off the field of play, inspiring young people in their communities to get active and embrace the Olympic values.

It will also be a perfect opportunity for Esposito to upskill herself.

“I want to build on my leadership skills as I think it will be a great chance to work on them and I do really want to be a good leader and role model in the future.”

Esposito was one of the stories of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games when she claimed top step on the podium of the Modern Pentathlon competition. It is Australia’s only medal in the event in an Olympic competition.

Her exceptional athletic ability and trademark beaming smile immediately won over the hearts of sport fans as Esposito introduced Modern Pentathlon to the Australian sporting mainstream.

Matt Bartolo

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